DIY Fail

I am a big fan of a do it yourself (DIY) lifestyle. I try to do most things myself instead of calling in the troops. A lot of this can be traced back to my father. Growing up with him I replaced toilets, installed hardwood and tile floors, put up drywall, fixed plumbing, simple car maintenance, etc. He was always busy and always fixing everything himself. He thought me a lot about getting things done in life.

Today we discuss how DIY can still be part of your life, leading to a happier, more cost-effective you.

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DDD Drawdown plan part 2- Retire at 48?

This is my second post as part of the chain about drawdown plan. This is a post started by Physician On Fire and taken and catapulted by Fritz at The Retirement Manifesto. There are now 13 people on the chain, and I will make lucky number 14.

My first post found here discussed retiring with a pension. This would require me to work until I am 60, which kind of sounds lame. So now it is off to discussing how I could retire by 48.

If you did not read my post found here, let me give you a quick recap. I am fortunate to work for a company that offers a pretty sweet pension. If I work until 60, then I get full early retirement, but what if I want to retire early.

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