Hump Day – July 26, 2017

Hump Day- July   26, 2017

What is hump day? It’s Wednesday. The hump to your work week. 2 days down and 2 days to go. On hump days I will be sharing articles, videos, or other form of entertainment. It will include links to other posts I have liked throughout the week. Some are parenting articles, others are personal finance ones, and occasionally there will be a random funny article. Enjoy!

This day in history

In 1890 Vincent Van Gogh shot himself and subsequently died 2 days later. I had known he had cut off his own ear but did not know he had shot himself. Sadly he was only 37 (my age) and his life ended due to depression.

Self portrait with bandaged ear and pipe

I am not an art buff, but apparently he was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist which per Wikipedia : extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations: they continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort form for expressive effect, and use unnatural or arbitrary colour. So presumably more colorful. His work is quite beautiful so enjoy some pieces here


Hump day articles of the week

Ever wonder if early retirement is for you? Well Freedom is Groovy lays out some interesting perks of retirement. I personally like that no-one cares that you are retired. Sounds about right to me.

Waffles on Wednesdays discuses the Side effects of enough. Interestingly if you can stop the train, then you need less and less. Only the things that matter stay. Everything else fades.

The Round of the Prisoners

The Wealthy Doc had a guest post on Physician on Fire. He discusses the benefits of “Paying yourself Last”. Come up with you budget/monthly income and then take the rest for savings, investing, etc. Quite ingenious and not what I am doing these days.

Sam at Financial Samurai discusses his big financial mistake made years ago in early retirement. Interested in knowing what it is? Then go check out his post. I am not going to ruin it for you.

For the docs out there (though it could be applied to any high stress job), Wealthy Doc discusses professional satisfaction. There are definitely many ways to improve satisfaction and the Doc has the prescription.

Finally, She Picks Up Pennies reminds us to be weary of deals. Don’t let the marketers use you and convince you to spend more money. Instead, know what you need and go from their to find the deal.

Sorrowing Old Man

There you go, enjoy the Wednesday hump day round up.

Drawdown plans from other PF bloggers

This week I joined Fritz at The Retirement Manifesto along with Physician on Fire on the Drawdown plan series. I broke mine up into 2 parts, but here are all of the links. Interesting to see everyones thoughts about how they will get their money out when the time comes.

  1. Anchor: Physician on Fire- Our drawdown plan in early retirement
  2. Catalyst: Fritz at The Retirement Manifesto- Our retirement investment drawdown strategy
  3. Othalafehu – Retirement Master Plan
  4. Plan Invest Escape – Planning for success: Drawdown versus wealth preservation in early retirement
  5. Freedom is Groovy- The Groovy drawdown strategy
  6. The Green Swan- The nastiest, hardest problem in finance: Decumulation
  7. My Curiosity Lab- Show me the money: My retirement drawdown plan
  8. The Financial Journeyman- Early retirement portfolio and plan
  9. Cracking Retirement- Our drawdown strategy 
  10. Retire by 40- Our unusual early retirement withdrawal strategy
  11. Early Retirement Now- The ERN Family early retirement capital preservation
  12. 39 Months – Mr. 39 Months “Drawdown” Plan
  13. 7 Circles- Drawdown strategy- Joining the chain gang
  14. Ms. Liz Money Matters- How I’ll fund my retirement
  15. a. Dads Dollars Debts: DDD Drawdown Part 1: Living With a Pension
  16. b. Dads Dollars Debts: DDD Drawdown Part 2: Retire at 48?

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I am a Dad and Doctor trying to make sure I am living life in the best way possible. Whether it is having my finances together, being a great parent, or balancing my home life with work, I am here to kick a$$ and help you do the same.

5 thoughts on “Hump Day – July 26, 2017

  • July 26, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Thanks for featuring me! Ironic that it’s hump day because WE’RE NOT WORKING! (Sorry, I just had to rub it in.) Seriously, let’s face it. Most people except for your closest friends and family care very little about what you do, period. I’d like to see folks fret a lot less about what to say when they stop working.

    • July 26, 2017 at 7:29 pm

      You are absolutely correct, which is part of why I left a more prestigious job for my current one. Better quality of life…and hopefully one day no work.

  • July 26, 2017 at 6:33 am

    Happy Hump Day and thanks for the shout out. Keep up the good work.

  • July 26, 2017 at 3:33 am

    Love seeing The Drawdown Strategy Chain in your Hump Day update! Welcome to The Chain Gang, happy to have you on the team!


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