Buy Nothing New- Month 7

So here we are, another month in my attempt to Buy Nothing New!

I am going to be honest. I forgot to update this when it was first published, so here is my revision. The reality is that I am buying less and less each month. So what did July hold for me? Here is the breakdown.

Buy nothing new- July

I bought a book on July 15th. Talk about a fail. I can get a book from the library, but here I am spending money on one. The only saving grace is that it is a big book and only cost me $16, but still, it’s a book. Actually, I even considered buying more books and my wife hit me on the head (figuratively) and said go to the library dum dum! She was right, I should have gone to the library. In fact, I went 2 days ago and checked out 2 books. So this purchase was a mistake for sure.

I also purchased two 3 ring binders. One to hold all of my insurance and building documents and another for some medical education documents.

I bought another pair of gym shorts. This brings my total to 3 of which 2 I actually enjoy wearing. I may donate the third pair as I doubt I will use it much. By having 2 pairs I can leave one in my car and one at home, allowing me flexibility in where and when I work out.

I also bought my son some activity and coloring books. He went on a 3-hour flight and we prefer entertaining him with activities instead of screen time. I do not regret this purchase at all.


Honestly, the hardest thing to believe so far in this challenge is that it is already August. What happened to the year? And the summer? Seriously…

It is definitely easier not to buy things now. Like anything else, small changes lead to larger changes. Just like when I decided to stop biting my nails, the decision to not buy stuff has improved my life dramatically and allows me to see how small changes lead to big results. Buying nothing has actually given me the confidence to make other changes in my life.

For instance, I have cut out daily coffee from my life. I may have a cup socially at breakfast but no longer go to it mindlessly in the morning. Portion control of food in general and sweets is another challenge. I always tend to overeat but never feel good afterward for it. So I am trying to fix that. Finally, I am actually trying to change my attitude towards work. Many in this community aim for FIRE (Retiring early). I personally have joy in most of my work and am teaching myself to find joy in the parts that are frustrating/exhausting too. We will see how this goes as it truly requires a change in me.

So there you have it. Seven months down and 5 to go.

 Monthly recap

Running list of material things I have bought in 2018

  • Hair clipper (personal hygiene)
  • Retainer for my teeth (health related)
  • Free t-shirt’s x 2
  • Microphone for a podcast (business)
  • Picture frame hangers (should have used nails but the frame is quite heavy and we live in earthquake country)
  • Ant baits (home maintenance)
  • Yoga mat (health related)
  • Fancy shoe inserts for my flat feet (health related)
  • Bromine tablets for the hot tub (home maintenance) and lavender smelling stuff (frivolous)
  • Fancy cooler (frivolous but useful)
  • Hubcap x 1 (frivolous but makes me feel good)
  • Suits- his and his….(mine was for future business and my son’s was frivolous/experience)
  • Hot tub calcium hardener (home maintenance)
  • A tent (planned)
  • Luggage and a backpack (needed for all the traveling we do)
  • A child carrier (frivolous and fell for the sale)
  • Walking shoes (for my health or unnecessary? You decide.)
  • Plastic water pipe cover (home maintenance)
  • Camping great including air mattress, tarp, cooking and eating supplies (wife purchase but both of us use this stuff). Also 3 chairs, a sleeping bag, an inflatable mattress for me, and 2 headlamps.
  • Khaki shorts (personal)
  • Pair of jeans and workout shorts (personal)
  • Pickle Monster Truck (frivolous but worth the smile on my son’s face).
  • Hairpin, bracelet, necklace, and earrings (gifts for my wife! Happy Mother’s Day)
  • A screwdriver.
  • Another screwdriver, a socket wrench, and a step stool (tools, but used to build memories with my brother-in-law)
  • A stove and propane tank, roasting sticks, pocket knife, and sleeping bag (more camping gear but we should be complete now! Why all the camping gear? Well we have at least 3 summer trips planned and maybe adding more to the schedule. Ah Northern California!).
  • An ax, 2 chairs, 10 tent stakes, and a fishing rod (I hope the camping spree is done).
  • Pliers (tools)
  • An alarm clock (trying to get out of looking at my phone, so arguably health)
  • Thumb Brace (health)
  • A book for pleasure (mistake purchase)
  • Two 3 ring binders (organization)
  • Pair of gym shorts (health?)
  • Activity books for my son (entertainment or parental sanity…and thus health?)

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I am a Dad and Doctor trying to make sure I am living life in the best way possible. Whether it is having my finances together, being a great parent, or balancing my home life with work, I am here to kick a$$ and help you do the same.

One thought on “Buy Nothing New- Month 7

  • August 2, 2018 at 7:05 am

    I personally have joy in most of my work and am teaching myself to find joy in the parts that are frustrating/exhausting too.

    That’s awesome that you’re teaching yourself to find joy in that are frustrating/exhausting too. Some times joy and happiness has a lot to do with our inner psychology and how we frame our mindset.

    I hope this change goes very well 🙂


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