Interview with the Wealth Hound

Today I am honored to be the inaugural guest interview on Jason’s (from the Wealth Hound) surprise interviews. He had this idea a few weeks ago about calling personal finance bloggers randomly and discussing money, life, and whatever else over 15 minutes. A pretty cool idea and I was happy to oblige.

So as I was leaving work on Monday, he called me and we had a chat. Unfortunately, my connection wasn’t great, dropping the call two or three times) and I was standing outside, but the quality (both sound wise and content wise is great). So go check it out here – The episode is the first Friday Surprise Interview from August 3rd, 2018.

As for Jason, he is newbie Dad (Congrats Jason), dog lover (thus the name of his site), husband, and a Veteran. Pretty solid if you ask me. His website is a combination of podcasts about interesting subjects from saving money to living the life you want. So go check out some of his stuff and while over there, check out my interview. 

If you like that interview and want to see what else I have to say out there on the interweb, then check out my other featured posts and interviews or hit me up on Twitter @ DadsDollarsDebts.

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I am a Dad and Doctor trying to make sure I am living life in the best way possible. Whether it is having my finances together, being a great parent, or balancing my home life with work, I am here to kick a$$ and help you do the same.

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