Who am I?

I am a 30 something year old dad of one toddler boy. I am a heart doctor living in Northern California. I enjoy martial arts, reading, hiking, and eating. I love eating. I am a somewhat in good shape (thank you high metabolism), definitely sleep deprived, always searching for spare time kinda guy who is loving every minute with his son.

I have made a few financial mistakes, but believe that with a plan and some discipline, we can get on the right track. While I am a high earner, I know that debt is the great equalizer. Someone making $50K a year may be in a better financial position then the hotshot making $500K. Its all in the spending. Less debt leads to better focus on things that matter, such as being a dad.

Most recently my family evacuated and survived the Tubb’s Fire in Santa Rosa on October 9, 2017. Our home burned down and we left with nothing but sleeping bags and an air pump. Now we are trying to rebuild and I will be discussing the process here on Dads, Dollars, & Debts.

Why Dads, Dollars, & Debts?

I started this website in October 2016 because I enjoy reading other motivating sites. My favorite sites for the last few years have been The White Coat Investor, Financial Samurai, and Mr. Money Mustache. I thank these bloggers for motivating me to start this journey and getting my house in order. For me, getting my financial house in order means I am a better dad and husband.

This site is here to help dads (and doctors) own their dollars and debts so they can focus on the family. 

I can not claim I have the newest or greatest information, but I will have a unique perspective and hopefully it will entertain you. I hope to contribute to the personal finance and FIRE (financially independent retire early) communities, as well as some dad or parenting one’s too. So please join me on this path as I figure out how to manage my dough and obtain financial independence.

All thoughts expressed here are my own and not the beliefs of any organization that I am employed with. This is an entertainment website and not a financial or medical site. Please read my disclaimers and disclosures here

If interested in contacting me please email me at “EJ at DadsDollarsDebts dot com”. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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