Pseudo hump day: Articles from this week

This week I missed my regular Hump Day post due to being featured on The White Coat Investor’s site. My article about Should Your Child Become a Doctor seems to have done well and if you are interested in the topic, then please go check it out.

I did not want to go by without featuring some of the articles I enjoyed this week from my fellow bloggers. So without further ado here they are.

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Hump Day June 7th, 2017

In today’s hump day post we discuss Mahtma Gandhi who held his first non-violent civil disobedience on this day. We touch base with some great blog posts out there including learning whether buying vs renting is better in financial independence and how much home you can really buy.

We also cover posts that discuss what living in the wild means, what secret weapon you can employ to become rich, and why active investors may make some money, but they loose it in time.

Finally a shout out toe Michelle at Making sense of cents for being the breadwinner and a discussion of why we should be our spouses’ hype man.

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