Being debtless? Not possible…

When I was young, I grew up in a Muslim household. Not Muslim in that we ever went to mosque (maybe once in my childhood) or that I was raised on strong tenants of religion. More like a Muslim who left a country because it became too Muslim and less Western. Yes I am talking about Iran in the 1980s. Still, I was Muslim and so I took it upon myself to learn something’s about such said religion. If I was going to be made fun of as a kid growing up in the South, then I might as well know why I was being made fun of.

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Homeownership- A case study

Today I am happy to feature a guest post from a family member. We have no financial relationships except that we buy each other beers when we are together. I recently discussed the real cost of homeownership since buying my million dollar plus home. It’s not pretty. The point of the article was that a lot of money goes to things other than principal and interest. Thus, when buying a home consideration should be given for the true cost of maintenance.

In talking to the author of this post, he agreed. He lived in Longmont, CO (the home of the famous Mr. Money Mustache), which by all costs has a reasonable  cost of living. He lived in the same home for 14 years and recently sold it as the Longmont market has become more “hot”. Him and his family have since moved to Seattle where they will not be purchasing a home partly due to being empty nesters now and also the crazy housing market there.

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