Wanna work part time starting now or bust your butt for FIRE?

The question I have been playing out recently in my mind is whether to work to achieve FIRE. Should I bust my butt for 10 years and then peace out in a flame of glory? Or do I go part time now (between 60 to 80%) and lay low working into the sweet sunset of retirement at 60?

My current employer offers a pension at 60 (likely 65 when I actually retire) that includes health care. If I could last the next 20 + years for that, is it worth it? I wrote about the differences it would make to my drawdown strategy here and here. There are definite financial benefits to staying until 60, but what about emotional and life ones?  

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Pseudo hump day: Articles from this week

This week I missed my regular Hump Day post due to being featured on The White Coat Investor’s site. My article about Should Your Child Become a Doctor seems to have done well and if you are interested in the topic, then please go check it out.

I did not want to go by without featuring some of the articles I enjoyed this week from my fellow bloggers. So without further ado here they are.

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Being in private practice makes me a better doctor

Throughout training I had an idea, and that idea was that I would be a great academic physician. I had the right training. I had done research from college through fellowship. I had received research grants from medical school through fellowship, published numerous papers, and started defining a niche. Everything was going great. Academia here I come.

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Physician home loans

I have had a total of 3 physician home loans from Suntrust Bank. Conventional wisdom would say to wait until you can put 20% down and then buy your house. Unfortunately, many physicians are not conventional, at least not when it comes to finances. Combine a desire to buy a home in residency (not a good idea) or right out of training (also likely best to wait a year or two), banks are all too ready to give out money. For physicians, this comes in the form of a physician home loan.

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Low spending month- Week 2

This is week 2 of our low spending month and I am going to be honest…it is not going well. We are having a great month. Life is not stressful. But we are spending more then either of us would like. None of these were must have expenses, but let’s see where we are. Last week if you remember I detailed how we spent $1,859 here. Not a great job, but how does it compare to this week?

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