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I have some site sponsors which can be found here. These companies pay me a monthly fee to have their logo and link featured on the site.  I only have companies that I think our honest, useful, and good to work with. If you click on the logo and use their services it does not earn me more money but is appreciated, as it supports my supporters.

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I have a BlueHost banner in some of my posts. Feel free to click them and I make some real money. I get a fixed rate for everyone who signs up. It is the company I use for hosting and they have been good thus far. No complaints with good customer service chats available via the web.

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I have a LegalZoom affiliate link on some of my pages. I get paid for each product bought through their website.

I have a Making Sense of Affiliate Advertising link on some pages. I get paid for each course you sign up for.

I have a Fire Your Financial Advisor link on some pages. I get paid for each course you sign up for.

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I will disclose relevant conflicts of interest throughout the blog when and if referring to one of my advertisers. I also do not endorse what is said on a advertisement unless I have specifically written so.

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