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I love blogging. The best part is the community out there. Fellow bloggers are generous allowing others to share content on their site. Below are the places I have been fortunate to guest post on. Check out the posts and let me know what you think.

White Coat Investor

  • Should your child become a doctor?

Financial Samurai

  • What’s in a home insurance policy: Know the details before your house burns down

Physician on Fire

  • A gap year away from medicine: One’s physician’s experience
  • Christopher Guest Post

Think Save Retire

  • A hard reset after losing everything in the Tubbs Fire

Happy philosopher

  • Losing everything

High five dad

  • Debt stories

Your Money Geek

  • Saving for Retirement: High Income Edition

Kevin MD

  • 4 ways to take a break from your career
  • Better care: Private practice or academic medicine?
  • 10 reasons why being a doctor is a privilege 
  • Do doctors need an emergency fund?
  • Doctor, you’re now a parent, It’s time to get your financial house in order
  • Physician asset protection. Is it a good idea to pay down debts? 
  • What would you do if you won the lottery? Here’s one physician’s plan.
  • How much will an expensive watch really cost you?
  • What a toddler can teach physicians about the stock market.
  • Is private college and medical school worth it? 
  • One house, one spouse, one job. How did this physician do?
  • A physician’s financial advice to his widow.


  • Freedom Formula For Physicians: A podcast
  • Interview on Financial Health and Wellness
  • Friday Surprise Interview from Augst 3, 2018 on The Wealth Hound: A podcast
  • Christopher Guest Post on Physician on Fire


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