DDD Drawdown plan part 1- Living with a pension

I am joining the chain with my draw down strategy. This is a post started by Physician On Fire and taken and catapulted by Fritz at The Retirement Manifesto. There are now 13 people on the chain, and I will make lucky number 14. 

Mine is unlike the others, and here is why. I have a job with a sweet pension. I mean a really sweet pension. The golden handcuffs as my colleagues joke. If I work at least 60% of the time until I am 60 years old (23 years from now) then I get free healthcare for life and a nice monthly pension check.  What does this do to me?

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Real cost of home ownership

Homeownership is the American dream. It was what we are told to strive for from a young age. Guest rooms, multi-car garages, picket fences. You name it and we can get it for you. In the era of mortgage lending, it is easy to get a home that you can afford, at least once the bank gives you that loan.  What is not well thought out is the true cost of home ownership.

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Paying off debt as asset protection

Being in a high income, high risk field I often think of asset protection. The lawsuit may not come from medical work, but from an auto accident or someone slipping on my front step. All of these can lead to suits, and as a high income earner we all have a target on our back. The last thing I want to do is work hard to save money to then have it taken away by one law suit. There are of course many ways to protect your assets and they should all be put into place.

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Pseudo hump day: Articles from this week

This week I missed my regular Hump Day post due to being featured on The White Coat Investor’s site. My article about Should Your Child Become a Doctor seems to have done well and if you are interested in the topic, then please go check it out.

I did not want to go by without featuring some of the articles I enjoyed this week from my fellow bloggers. So without further ado here they are.

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