As I have started writing more and trying more services and companies, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of sites/services I recommend.

If you are looking for a financial advisor, insurance specialist, mortgage company, or other type of direct service, then check out my Sponsors page.

Here is a quick list of site sponsors and services provided. More information is found on the Sponsors page.

Financial planning and insurance:


If it is for what web services I use, then check out below. I have financial relationships with some of the recommended products below. If you use their services through this website I will get a commission. Thank you for supporting this site.


Blog/website hosting: Blue Host

For blog/website hosting I recommend Blue Host. Their service has been easy to use, including a simple Word Press install and good technical support. If you want to know who to start a blog then check out my post, Starting a blog!




Living trusts and wills: Legal Zoom

I put together my living trust through Legal Zoom for under $300. It was an affordable way to get my financial house in order and I recommend it for anyone who has dependents and a significant amount of assets. It not only protects your assets from going into probate, but you can also determine how your kids will be raised if you and your spouse die. I have written about how to set up a Revocable Living Trust through Legal Zoom and what assets to put into the trust.


Affilate marketing course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I used Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course to learn how to optimize affiliate marketing for my site. She goes from the basics of affiliate marketing  to requirements and disclosures and more. There are additional bonus lessons including one where she has a guest post that discusses how to optimize Pinterest. She also has a lesson on what to do when something goes viral. I have yet to have a post go viral, but when it does I will be ready. I definitely found value in this course and recommend it if you are interested in learning more about affiliate advertising.


Shopping: Amazon

I love Amazon and use them all the time. Amazon is likely our biggest monthly expense outside of our mortgage and groceries. We purchase almost everything from there including toys, clothes, and toiletries. The benefit is convenience, the downside is convenience. I am sure some purchases made are not needed, but with an easy return policy it is hard to argue with it’s service.


There you have it. The products I use recommended for your use.

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