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Certified financial planners

Mr. Keller and his colleagues focus on income protection and wealth accumulation for physicians. They cover a lot of ground from asset protection to tax minimization and the other aspects of financial planning. If you are looking for an advisor, this group is a good one to team up with. Check them out here.


Anjali Jariwala is a CPA and CFP®. She founded FIT Advisors to provide comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management and Tax Planning services.  She uses an innovative business model that is evidence-based and aligns closely with the needs of physicians and business owners. Further, by investing in some of the most powerful tools in the industry, she can work with clients virtually. As your financial life planner Anjali will help you discover and reach your life goals while building a secure future. If you want to know more then click here.



I am happy to have MedInsure Group sponsor this site. I personally use this groupfor my home, auto, and umbrella policy. So what is MedInsure Group, they are a full-service insurance agency serving the medical community and they are growing steadily, mainly through referrals and word of mouth. Using a consultative approach, they assess a client’s personal and commercial needs, shop those needs through a number of top-tier carriers, and then take the time to present solutions so their clients can choose how to balance coverage vs cost. You can reach them here to learn about their no cost, no obligation review process. 877-403-8584 or service@Medinsuregroup.com. Click here to check them out.

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