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This site serves as a guide on your financial journey. Start here to build your financial future. Click through the links below to learn about important steps to take.


Setting up a budget/expense report

Ever wonder what should be included in a budget? We cover what you may want to consider including and if you can sign up to download our Budget crushing tool!


Determining net worth

Do you know how to calculate your net worth? Here we discuss how to do it and if things like your home or cars should be included? Check it out to see what I do.


Get you some insurance

Here we discuss what insurance you need for your family? Is an umbrella policy really necessary?


Setting up a will or living trust and What to place in a living trust

How do you protect your family with a living trust? Why would you want one and how much will this cost? How do you do it?


Max out the 401K, 403b, 457, or Government TSP

Ever wonder what these different accounts are? How much can you put into one versus the other? Is a Traditional or Roth plan right for you?


Start an IRA

What is an IRA? Should you have one?  How do you do a backdoor Roth?


Pay down debt

As Dave Ramsey says, debt is bad. Still which debt should you pay down first and when can you consider paying down debt versus investing.


Start tax advantaged accounts

Once you have done the above, what is the next thing to do with your money?


Start saving and planning for the future

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