Low spending month- Week 4

So another week has gone by in our low spending month. This is the final week and what I have learned is food is our biggest expense.

Between groceries ($1,443 for the entire month) and restaurants ($1,129 for the month) we spent over $2,500. That is kind of crazy considering some families spend under $400 on food a month. We did have a lot of people over to our house, and community is key to life. So I guess that is okay. Still, we will need to improve this next month.

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Low spending month- Week 2

This is week 2 of our low spending month and I am going to be honest…it is not going well. We are having a great month. Life is not stressful. But we are spending more then either of us would like. None of these were must have expenses, but let’s see where we are. Last week if you remember I detailed how we spent $1,859 here. Not a great job, but how does it compare to this week?

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